No businesss grows without passing through advertising stage and this has brought about this page on our blog which give user access to advertise their business on our blog.

At Danelyrics we can help you get more traffic to your business or product by advertising your product with us.

Danelyrics Advert Rate
*Silver Package* ~For 12 hours *#400*
*Diamond Package*
~▪For 24 hours *#800*
*Platinum Package*~
▪For 1 week *#3000* 
(To be posted 4 times times in the week) 

 *Gold Package*~ 1 month 
 All prices have properly been reviewed so there is little chance of negotiation.
To make us start showing your ads on our blog you need the following:

  • Business banner(360×250) or Details of business
  • Your plan(how many days you want us to show your ads if it not in the one listed above you can specify it yourself)
  • Your business details

NOTE:Send the following requirements to our contact on the contact page and money paid is not refundable.

  • Blog or website
  • Music for upcoming artist
  • Video